• Rebecca

Open for...not sure what.

Hi dear friends wherever you are. My blog is officially open for sharing. Not sure if there's much to share at this point but thought I'd document my journey in creating this podcast. A few years ago I woke up and felt empty. I had two wonderful kids and a caring husband and was more or less healthy but I felt an emptiness that I couldn't shake. I've been working on addressing that emptiness the last few years and things are going moderately well. As part of my journey, I thought a lot about the second half of life challenges and how to tackle them. I became curious about how others are dealing with it and what tools they are using, what questions they are struggling with and what challenges they are overcoming. That's how this podcast idea came about. I wanted to explore these ideas and questions and find people in their second half who would be willing to sit and talk to me honestly about what's going on in their lives. Welcome to my new creative experiment. If after listening to an episode or two, you like what you hear, please tell a friend (or two or twenty!). If you end up not liking it, I totally understand, I'm not for everyone, but I wish you the best anyway.

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