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Using the kids as guinea pigs.

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

I worked on getting the podcast ready this past weekend. I hooked up all the equipment and started watching tutorial videos on how to record an interview. I'm using Garageband on the Mac. It's pretty user friendly but still so many elements that I have to understand. I did a few test interviews with my sons. That was hilarious! You can talk to your kids every day and not get information that you would "interviewing" them while they wear headphones and talk into a microphone. One of my sons told me about asking a girl to a dance and the other one interviewed me about when I was in school and the difference between doing what you want and doing something hard to make others proud. Both conversations felt different, like they were willing to be more open for the interviewing experience we were doing. There is something special about talking to someone in a quiet one-on-one semi-formal environment, especially when you both know it's being recorded. We listened to the interviews and the reactions were so said he didn't like his voice (um, ya...nobody does) and the other one thought it was great and wanted to do more (asking me questions that is!).

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